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The Next Generation of College Athletic Recruits

At AllStarRecruits, we believe that every Student-Athlete who has the drive, determination and academic qualifications, should be afforded the opportunity to play college level lacrosse, regardless of economic status.

The way we advocate this is by giving you the tools and resources to take your college lacrosse recruiting strategy to the next level.

AllStarRecruits is dedicated to helping every Student-Athlete pursue their dream of playing College Sports.

Do you have what it takes?

AllStarRecruits is an DIY athletic social network that was built (not only as a place to collaborate), but also to educate and make the athletic recruiting process simple and effective.

The Athletic Recruiting process has dramatically changed over the past few years.  In the “good ole days”, if you were a good athlete, recruiters would find you.  Your Senior Year played a more significant role and technology played a far less one.

Today, everything starts earlier and happens faster.  The competition is fierce because the supply is high and the demand is low.  There are recruiting showcases all over the US for Coaches to be able to find Athletes.  Social Media and Technology take recruiting to another level.  One of which puts you up against hundreds of thousands, of other athletes all vying for the same few spots on a Coach’s roster.

The Athletic Recruiting Process can be complex and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our goal is to educate and walk you through the process and save you time and money while doing it.

Follow’s 7-Step College Recruiting Playbook to increase your chances of getting a part of the $1 billion in full and partial scholarships that are awarded each year by the NCAA to more than 126,000 undergraduate student-athletes at Division I and II Schools.  **according to

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