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Recruiting information for athletic scholarships can be found in thousands of locations throughout the Web.  At AllStarRecruits, we have compiled the most complete resource checklists to help in your Recruiting Strategy, one for each of your High School years.

Senior Year is finally here!  This is the most exciting time for college recruiting and is key to your Athletic Scholarship.  Some key items are Official Visits, National Letter of Intent (NLI) or Signing Day.

Your Junior year is very important for those pursuing an Athletic Scholarship.  Grades are always the most important items, as well as being sure to complete the NCAA Eligibility requirements.  

In your Sophomore year it is very important for Student Athletes to hit the books, and make sure your grades and course requirements are on track.  Keep updated as to the NCAA Recruiting Rules and establishing yourself as a Top Recruit should be your main priorities this year.  

Your Freshman year is where it all begins.  Competition is greater and many, many great athletes are all vying for the same athletic scholarships.  It is crucial for you to develop and keep your athletic profile updated.  Camps, clinics and tournaments are necessary.  Put your plan in place so you won’t be overlooked!

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