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Do You Want to Be a Better Lacrosse Player?


Do you want to be a better Lacrosse Player?

AllStarLAX-mandments will give you 75 insider tips that will make you be a better player, teammate and person on (and off) the field. (For both Boys and Girls)

Here are five to get you started:

  1.  AllStarLAX-mandment #1When you have the ball, never stand still
    • Keep moving all the time – change speed and direction – but keep moving.  Your defenders will love to throw checks because it’s fun, but they won’t realize their feet stop moving when they throw a stick check.  Offensive players will blow right by them!
  2.  AllStarLAX-mandment #2Never shoot into the Goalie’s stick
    • Weak side, off stick, hip is the toughest shot for a Goalie to save so you should learn to pick your spot to shooting in the corners and mid-level where the Goalie’s hips would be. Practice by hitting the same spot if playing on a wall, or use a Hector or hang a target in the goal and aim to improve your accuracy with each shot. Aim for where the goalie’s stick is not.
  3. AllStarLAX-mandment #39If you get beat, pick someone up
    • If your man beats you and there has been a slide, go to the hole and pick up another man.  Never stand still and always try to find the open player.  Your teammates picked up where you got beat, now back them up as well.  You will pay them back later by backing them up when the ball comes from the other side.
  4. AllStarLAX-mandment #43 – Defense should stay tight on a fast break
    • If you spread out, this makes the rotations harder and scoring opportunities easier as there is more space between the Defense, Goalie and the goal.  Talk is necessary here and you must get back in the hole and continue until the midfielders come back and you are matched up.
  5. AllStarLAX-mandment #73 – Give 100% effort
    • Your coach cannot coach effort!  You cannot control many things that will happen during your lacrosse season, but you can control how hard you play.  The only way to get better is to give your maximum effort.  This not only makes YOU better, but it pushes your teammates to get better as well!

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