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Step 1 - Create your Athletic Profile

Learn Why Student-Athletes Need an Online Profile


Creating your online Athletic Profile is one of the most important tools that you will have to maximize your exposure to coaches. An online profile is a page that highlights your athletic skills and academic achievements. It gives you the ability to promote yourself, show coaches how serious you are about playing college lacrosse and the passion you would bring to their programs.  It also provides details of your academic record and standardized test scores.

Similar to creating a Facebook Page or YouTube Channel, an online Athletic Profile provides you with a link to your profile which you can use in your email strategy, which is discussed in Step 6 – Market YOU!  When coaches receive your email they can click on the link to your profile and learn more about you as a Student-Athlete and person.

AllStarRecruits gives Student-Athletes the ability to create a FREE Online Athletic Profile. By combining their Profile with the strategies outlined in the Step by Step Playbook, Student-Athletes will be:

  • Perceived more positively by College Coaches
  • Be able to engage in the recruiting process with coaches
  • Put themselves in a strong position to be recruited
  • At an advantage over the competition

AllStarRecruits gives Student-Athletes access to features that are important to college coaches, such as:

  • Create your FREE Athletic Profile with a Personalized URL
  • Highlight your Athletic (Stats) and Academic (GPA, Test Scores) Achievements
  • Tell College Coaches why you would be a good fit for their program
  • Post Highlight Video and Press Articles
  • Upload Event Schedules, Awards and Testimonials
  • Promote your Athletic Profile link by inserting it into your signature line on emails you send to Coaches

Create Your FREE Athletic Profile NOW!   There are a few ways to get started.  Choose what’s best for you:

  1. Create your Profile here.
  2. Pressed for time and want us to do it?  Enter the info online and we will create it for you.
  3. Need to print out a copy to fill out?  Print it here.
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