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Step 3 - Identify Your Mission

Paying for College


Taking Action: The Best Sites to Learn About Paying for and Applying to College

Once you have a pretty solid list of which colleges you want to apply to, you can use these sites to help you navigate college applications and paying for school.


This site is oriented towards helping students search for scholarships, but it will also help you find colleges that may interest you. You can set up an account for free that will allow you to locate colleges and scholarships that fit your specific needs. There are helpful blog articles on the site as well that have advice on scholarships and colleges.


You can also search for student loans on Fastweb – you just have to answer a few questions and you’ll get a list of all your loan choices. This site is a nice user-friendly means of finding scholarships and loans that will help you to avoid getting too overwhelmed with your options. 

It’s also a good site to keep in mind going forward, since it has resources for career planning and finding internship opportunities as well. If you’re practically-minded and are serious about finding scholarships, you should definitely try this site out. You may want to use another platform for the college search process because Fastweb doesn’t have as much information or tools for finding colleges as it does for finding scholarships and loans. 


This site is good for learning about application timelines and getting yourself organized for college as well as searching for schools that meet your criteria. There are articles with helpful tips about choosing colleges, applying to college, and getting financial aid and scholarships. You’ll get fast stats about colleges and suggestions about other schools that you may like based on your searches.


This isn’t my favorite site in terms of its presentation of college statistics.  However, it does provide advice in other areas that is more specific than other sites and may help answer questions you have about the application process and how to actually follow through on your college decision.

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