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10 Tips to Increase Your GPA and Improve Your Study Habits

  1. Study harder
  2.  Study longer
  3.  Don’t wait until the last minute to study
  4.  Improve your time-management skills
  5.  Attend study skills workshops
  6.  Work with a tutor
  7.  Ask teachers for extra help
  8.  Study with a friend or group
  9.  Attend summer school
  10. Take an intense course at a commercial learning center

Going that extra mile to improve your grades can mean the difference between receiving an athletic scholarship and losing out.

But what if you are already a senior who concentrated on lacrosse but ignored academics?  There’s still hope. Although your chances might not be as good as someone with equal talent and better grades, there is a slight possibility that you may get a college coach to bat for you at the admissions office. Another alternative is the two year community college.

By now you should have a pretty good idea of whether you are on track, academically and athletically, for going on to college and competing in a collegiate sports program. The next chapter introduces you to the steps for getting started on your quest for a sports scholarship.


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