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Improving your Grades


There are many ways to help improve your grades. High schools sometimes offer study skills workshops, as well as tutorial services, to interested students. Additionally, talking with classroom teachers may provide excellent suggestions on what you can do to improve in their classes. Oftentimes, suggestions from one teacher can assist you in all of your classes.

Summer school programs are another alternative. Summer school enables you to make up classes you have failed or barely passed and to take classes you may need for your core curriculum requirements. Unfortunately, summer school can also cause scheduling conflicts because summer is a prime time for honing your athletic skills in summer leagues and sports camps. But remember, if you can’t get admitted, you will miss out on the opportunity to play collegiate sports anyway.

Your high school may be able to recommend a local service or a private tutor that can help you catch up or enhance your learning skills. Private schools and learning centers may also offer tutoring, for a fee, in areas where you need remediation. These schools or centers may also give classes for SAT/ACT test-taking practice.

Whatever you feel you can do to improve your grades, as long as it is ethical, is worth the effort. And, of course, if it means the difference between receiving a scholarship and not, it is worth its weight in gold!

But what if you are already a senior who has concentrated on your sport and ignored the academics? There’s still hope. Although your chances might not be as good as someone of equal talent with better grades, you may get a college coach to go to bat for you in the admissions office and help you get admitted.  Another alternative is the two-year community college.

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