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Email Templates

Emailing College Coaches


Contacting a college coach can be an intimidating process. It is hard to know what information to include in the message or if the coach will even know who you are after you push send. But don’t worry, here are a few tips to help guide through the process.

  1.  Your email should be short and to the point.  Don’t waste a coach’s time with a 5 page email on how great you are.  Instead, send a brief overview of why you should be considered for their program and links to your online profile, social media, and highlight videos.
  2. Research the colleges you are contacting, create your targeted list, and personalize your message.
  3. The subject line of your email should make the coach want to open it. For example, “1st Team All American” or “Lefty Attacker with shot speed of 80 MPH.”
  4. Your salutation should be to the specific coach by name (Dear Coach Burns).
  5. Provide accurate academic information: ACT or SAT score, GPA, class rank, honors, etc. in your email signature.
  6. Provide athletic information: position, height, weight, honors, and relevant statistics.
  7. Provide a link to your highlight video.
  8. Include a current game/showcase tournament schedule with dates, locations and times.
  9. If possible, have your current coach follow up with an email a few days after you send your email. If your coach is unable to send an email on your behalf, at least include his or her contact information in your email. (Ask permission before providing their contact info)
  10. If you don’t hear back from your first email, send a follow up email a week or two later.  If you don’t receive a response at that point, try the following month.

Keep the body of your email clear and concise, but give the coach an opportunity to learn more if they are interested in what you have to offer.

These tips should reduce your email stress and put you on the right path towards high-quality communications. Recruiting is about selling yourself to an institution and shining a positive light on what you would offer to a program.  Remember…it’s about THEM, not YOU!

These tips are meant to serve as a guide.  You should always add your own personal flair to set yourself apart from the pack!

Need help writing an email?  We’ve got you covered!  View Email Templates here.

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